fancy farm vineyard and winery

115 Hayden Street
Fancy Farm, KY, 42039



6pm to 9pm friday

12pm to 8pm Saturday

1pm to 6pm Sunday




Welcome to Fancy Farm Vineyard and Winery, a destination you will come to love. Nestled in the small rural western Kentucky town of fancy farm, you can enjoy a wide variety of wines and the friendly atmosphere of chatting with new friends and your neighbors.

Tom Curtsinger, owner/operator of the vineyard and winery, is a fourth-generation landowner from a family rich in agricultural innovators and history of diversified farming.

Thirteen years ago, Tom found himself in Southern Illinois at a winery , when curiosity  about grapes got the best of him and he started asking the local vineyard owners a lot of questions about the wine business.  His search for information about growing grapes took several years. Tom was convinced that he could grow "vinifera" grapes, also known as the European varietals in western Kentucky. He was told by the experts that the European varietals could not grow in Kentucky.  Tom would soon prove the experts wrong.

Knowing the labor requirements for growing grapes, Tom planted one acre the first year, the second year he planted another acre and in his fourth year he had a total of four acres planted. Today he has 6 acres of seven varietals of European grapes. After the fourth year, Tom has 4 acres of grapes but no name for the vineyard.

The process of finding the right name for the vineyard came with an enormous amount of thought. Tom finally came up with the notion that a farm grows corn and soybeans, but only in Fancy Farm could you grow fine wine grapes. So the town's name was not only perfect for the vineyard, but would reflect the spirit of the support from the entire town.

The next course of action was to decide on the logo or icon that would best represent the spirit of the vineyard. So the question was poised, "What would you see on a fancy farm but a Fancy Scarecrow, dressed in a top hat with tails, with a smile with four stitches representing his four sons, and a "C" centered in the bowtie of the scarecrow for Curtsinger. Fancy Farm Vineyard & Winery was created!

The varieties of grapes grown in the vineyard are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sangiovese, Malbec, Chardonnay, Viognier, and Riesling.

Since the beginning, Tom has enjoyed working with his sons, as well as the love of his life and best friend for life, Robbie Felker. Robbie has kept Tom grounded and focused in achieving his dreams.


owner - Tom Curtsinger

Manager - Robbie Felker