Fancy Farm Vineyard and Winery
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Old Red Barn

(sweet red) Perfectly balanced country wine made from a blend of red and white grapes. ideal with meals, front porches and shade trees.


(sweet Red) home grown right here at the vineyard creating a bold rich wine nearly identical to fresh blackberries with no thorns or chiggers. Kentucky proud producer


(sweet red) Delicious and crisp wine made from perfectly ripened local fruit.  kentucky proud producer 

Fancy Pear

(sweet fruit) a unique wine made from the red anjou pear producing a refreshing wine with just a touch of natural fruit tartness

Fancy Peach

(Sweet fruit) delicate yet rich peach flavor with subtle fruity accents from multiple varieties


Fancy White

(Sweeet white) this wine has a very nice balanced flavor coming from a blend of Riesling, niagra, and cayuga grapes

PEach Mango

(sweet fruit) Peach Mango wine is a creation resulting from fermenting delicious, plump mangos with juicy tree ripened peaches. this combination makes a balanced, smooth wine with a wonderful twist of tart and sweetness. peach Mango is the perfect wine for a cozy afternoon, refreshing by the poolside, or relaxing on a warm summer evening.


(SWEET FRUIT) this wine is a delicious treat of the South made from pump and juice muscadine grapes. muscadines are native varieties of american grapes and grow almost exclusively in the southeastern portions of the united states. this wine's wonderful aromas and taste lend to spicy hints of plum, wild cherry and black current.


(SWEET WHITE) deliciously crisp and fruity wine with an outstanding aroma and taste with a PLeasantly light touch of sweetness

peachy keen

(dry WHITE) uniquely bold dry peach wine with subtle hints resemblance to varietal white grapes wine without using any white grapes

harvest gold

(DRY WHITE) delicious white white with crisp citrus, pineapple, nectarine and honeysuckle notes.

cabernet savignon

(DRY red) This Cabernet Sauvignon is a bold and full wine, teaming with flavors of dark black cherry and black currant with a subtle finish of heavily toasted french oak. Grown, fermented, and aged in Fancy Farm, Kentucky, you will taste a what this small farm winery can create like no others. 

ruby red

(DRY red) delicious red and white grape blend with bold grape, black cherry, and black current over-tones